Top ten ways to come out of lockdown on the front foot


If your job or business isn’t classified as essential services, chances are you’re either binge watching Tiger King or the new series of Ozark, or you’re working your way through a long list of jobs around the house that have been in the procrastination pile for some time.

Once you’re done with all of that – or simply feel you need to give your business a bit of DIY attention as well – here is our top ten list of ways you can work ON your business during lockdown so you’re in a better position to come out of it raring to go.

1. Get testimonials – for some reason, we never find the time while we’re busy working, but now’s a good time to reconnect with clients. (If you need help with this one, have a read of this article on how to get great testimonials.)

2. Update your website copy – this is another job we never seem to make time for when we’re busy with client work. If you’re procrastinating heavily on this one, my suggestion is to start with half an hour a day – once the momentum builds, you’ll find it gets easier and more enjoyable.

3. Refresh your quoting documents – ask someone you know and trust to run a fresh set of eyes over the documents you send to prospects. Are they focused enough on customer benefits, or are they simply a list of pricing elements or terms and conditions?

4. Create a tender/bid template – many businesses don’t bid for work because they don’t have a proper template to use to reply to RFPs or tenders. If this is something you’ve been meaning to do, then just start.

5. Write an article – if you have a news section on your website, use this “free” time to write an article or two. If you don’t need it for your website, write anyway and publish it on LinkedIn or any other social sharing platform that is right for your business.

6. Plan some content – it’s a great time to pay some attention to those neglected social media sites you struggle to find time for. If writing isn’t your thing, start with a content planner. And if you’re still stuck, get in touch and we can help.

7. Work on your email newsletter – if you have one, that is. Go into Mailchimp or whatever system you’re using and create the outline of a few future issues. If you’re just sending a newsletter from Outlook, maybe it’s time to get up to speed on a more professional-looking system (that will also provide better stats for your campaigns).

8. Do some online learning – even if you are still doing some work, it’s a good time to do some up-skilling or professional development if you’ve got extra time due to a shorter commute, fewer meetings and distractions. Look into that online course you’ve been thinking about or tune in to webinars from professional organisations related to your industry.

9. Build a barter system – I’m not usually a fan of trading services that you usually charge for, but if you run a small business and need to limit your spending due to a slowdown in billable work, then you may want to look at doing some contra work. Contact other small business owners and see how you can help each other out with reciprocal services. Does your lawyer need website copy written? Does your graphic designer need an email campaign set up? Is there work you can provide remotely in exchange for some I.T. services from your tech consultant?

10. Plan for the release – what will you need to do as soon as we’re set free? Will you just sit by the phone hoping it will ring? Or can you prepare an offer or special package of services to present once people get back to work? Are there appointments you can secure now? The date might move, but can you get preliminary commitment to a meeting or presentation appointment with a prospect?

It may take a shift in motivation to get around to doing some of these tasks. But know that the work you do on your business during this time will pay off and put you in a better position once more people and businesses get back to work.

As always, if you need help with any of these, feel free to get in touch. Stay safe, and happy marketing!