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Mobilegeddon - the need for mobile friendly websites

In 2008 a bold prediction was made by one analyst and industry watcher: "Mobile to overtake fixed internet access by 2014". (Mary Meeker, analyst at Kleiner Perkins Caufield Byers and author of the annual Internet Trends report.)

That statement was made as it became obvious that we are using our mobile devices (tablets, phones, phablets) for more searches and functions while out and about. Think about your own often are you sitting at a desktop or laptop computer versus at a mobile device?

We're also now much more confident doing more online transactions on our phones - everything including purchasing, renewing, registering, even banking. For many of us, there's no real need to use a non-mobile device.

So is your site responsive or mobile friendly? To find out and read more, click here.


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Day 100 - It's your lucky day!

It's the 100th day of the year! That can only mean two things. First, that time is flying by faster than fast thing. And second, it's time to celebrate!

Why celebrate, you ask?Day 100

Because 100 is a great number. We celebrate when we score 100% on an exam. We party when someone makes it to the age of 100. We applaud when someone plays their 100th game. We cheer when a cricketer scores a century. Okay, well only the people who understand the game of cricket celebrate that last one...

But 100 days is a fantastic milestone to reach in the calendar and it's a great day to pause and take stock of what we've done and where we are so far this year.

We're almost a third of the way through 2015  how are things going for you in your business?

Have you accomplished the things you said you would? Have you ticked many of the things off your list of new year's resolutions or your bucket list? Have you stuck to your marketing plans so far?

If you haven't done everything you've planned, or are running a little behind schedule, that's okay. Don't beat yourself up over it. Just get back on track. That might mean getting that plan out and revising it a bit. But wherever you are, make sure you're getting those ideas out of your head and down on paper to increase the likelihood of them coming to fruition.

We've been talking about the importance of writing ideas and goals down for years now - check out one of our earlier blogs called The Best Business Advice Ever Shared.

Before you know it we'll be at day 200 (if you're curious, it's July 19 this year).

So take a few minutes today to stop, review, reflect, and regroup. And don't forget to celebrate!

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Demystifying Marketing

For a teaser of some of the content of our upcoming Marketing Plan Workshop, have a listen to the "Demystifying Marketing" podcast with did with Go To Girl Social Media. 

You can find it here:


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My 15 Day Blog Challenge - Summary

For the past two weeks (plus a day), from January 15-30, I took part in the "15 Days to Freedom Blog Challenge".

The challenge was to blog regularly for 15 days, with a focus on personal, business then physical freedom ... all of the components of a happy life! 

It has been such a rewarding experience that I feel I must give a huge shout out to Natalie Sisson, the Suitcase Entrepreneur herself, for putting this challenge out there for people to participate in! If you're interested in doing some of this kind of work, please get in touch with either myself on or check out The Suitcase Entrepreneur.

Here is a summary of our challenges: 

Day 15: Tell me the daily challenge you liked most and why

Day 14: What ONE thing are you going to do in the location you are in right now that is going to make you feel alive and feel like a tourist?

Day 13: Which ONE thing are you going to introduce into your life that is going to help your mind, body or soul?

Day 12: What work and life clutter are you going to remove to be more of a minimalist and free up space for you?

Day 11: What ONE thing will you do each day to get more you time this year?

Day 10: Identify one task that you can outsource in the next 2 days

Day 9: What one system or tool are you going to introduce to streamline your life?

Day 8: Put 3 major goals you would like to achieve this year on your calendar

Day 7: What one thing will you focus on in 2015?

Day 6: Identify your Ideal Business Model

Day 5: State a habit you’re replacing and the new one that will serve you

Day 4: What ONE distraction are you going to remove from your daily life?

Day 3: Which ONE tool are you going to use to become more productive?

Day 2: Identify ONE Most Important Action to achieve in the next 15 days

Day 1: Detail out your Daily Success Plan

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My 15 Day Blog Challenge - Day 15

Here we are at Day 15 of the “15 Days to Freedom Blog Challenge”!

What a fantastic two weeks it has been for getting clear on how we operate, in business and in life in general.

To my surprise, it was all done in an extremely simple and clear way. I suppose it's true that clarity and productivity come when we don't over-complicate things.

Today, on the final day of the challenge, we have been asked to choose the daily challenge that we liked most and to explain why.  

My favourite challenge was the one from Day 2, where we were asked to identify our MIAs - our Most Important Actions.

Because this challenge took place in the middle of summer holidays here in New Zealand, kids are off school for 7 weeks. I've had to manage my time in a way that allows me to hang out and have fun with them and enjoy the amazing weather and beaches we have here ... all while continuing to run a business.

Add to that the fact that it's January and I needed to get my planning for 2015 completed, and you have a recipe for excuses and procrastination.

But no! I was focussed and determined to do this challenge properly. And so I've been forced every single day to figure out first thing in the morning what one or two things absolutely HAD to get done each day.

There have been some fantastic lessons around time management, productivity, asking for help, ignoring distractions and excuses, and the importance of keeping things simple.

Best of all, I've managed to get my marketing plan for 2015 written! I won't say "completed" because as I tell clients, a marketing plan is a dynamic, changing document. Completing it would imply that I'm putting it down and won't touch it again until next year. But that's not true. I will continue to revise and adapt it as things change - in the business, and in the marketplace. 


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My 15 Day Blog Challenge - Day 14

Our Day 14 challenge of the #15DBC asks us to do something in our current location or city that will make us feel alive and like a tourist.

This is so timely for me because in two days I will be doing something locally that I've wanted to do for years - learn how to surf! 

I've travelled to quite a few exciting parts of the world, and every single time I go to a new beach destination I vow that this will be the one time that I take a surf lesson.

I've done it in Mexico, Maui, Portugal, Australia. Even Cornwall.

But then something comes over me and I chicken out.

But not this time.

This time I'm going to do it.

I've booked and paid, and have ignored all the excuses that I keep coming up with. It's forecasted to rain (so, apparently you get wet when you surf). None of my close friends are coming (so, they'll miss out). What if this is the one in five times a year that a large white mammal decides to swim close to shore? (see, I can't even say it).

Face the fear, scream like a banshee, and do it anyway.

Stay tuned for pics...




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My 15 Day Blog Challenge - Day 13

We're almost at the end of the "15 Day Blog Challenge" and it's all starting to come together nicely. On Day 13, the question is: Which ONE thing are you going to introduce into your life that is going to help your mind, body or soul?

It's important to feed all three areas with goodness that fuels, energizes and excites us.

So here is the fuel that I'm going to introduce: 

For my mind, I’m going to start listening to more TEDx talks, and I’ve just ordered the book Launch by Jeff Walker.

For my body, I’m going get back to doing at least one session of yoga or Pilates per week as a complement to the other exercise I do.

For my soul, I’m about to start piano lessons, something I’ve wanted to try for years.

How do you feed your mind, body and soul?

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My 15 Day Blog Challenge - Day 12

Today's Day 12 challenge is, "What work and life clutter are you going to remove to be more of a minimalist and free up space for you?"

There are a few areas I could de-clutter, but I never seem to get around to doing it. So this challenge has forced me to focus in on just one space that needs some attention. And that one area is the space that will have the most impact on how I work - my desktop. Not my computer desktop; my actual desk. It's not that bad, but there is a pile of papers that needs some attention...documents that need to be scanned and then discarded or recycled. 

They say that the environment you work in has a huge impact on how you feel while you're working, and how productive or distracted you are.

So that's my I get focussed on all other areas of the business in 2015, I'm going to also make sure that I focus on getting clear and tidy in the physical space as well.


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My 15 Day Blog Challenge - Day 11

Our Day 11 challenge asks, "What ONE thing will you do each day to get more you time this year?"

"Me time" - it's a phrase that conjures up all sorts of feelings of guilt, indulgence or self-pity for some people. So in the words of that insightul pop star whose lyrics we can't get out of our heads, let's just shake it off.

Time for ourselves (preferably unplugged) is so imporant - especially if you are a parent, a business owner, or a combination of both! I like to call it "non contact" time (as my teacher friends call it). It's time when no one needs anything from me and I don't have to make any decisions. 

Every year I take my birthday off work. Yes, I am my own boss and this should be easy; but trust me, it isn't always. On that one day a year I treat myself to a relaxing, luxurious experience (a massage, an outdoor swim, some reading time). And I go out for lunch or coffee. To me, that's pure luxury that I can enjoy without actually going away anywhere. It's a day to relax, reflect and celebrate the year that has passed.

So why wait 364 days to recreate this feeling? This year my goal is to do this one day each month. The treats may not be as luxurious - the feeling of joy is not directly related to how much money is spent. For me it's just about turning off, tuning out, getting some fresh air and making more time for exercise, relaxing and reading - the things that really re-charge my batteries.


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My 15 Day Blog Challenge - Day 10

The Day 10 challenge presented to us as part of the #15DBC is to identify one task that we can outsource in the next two days.

Outsourcing has been a great game shifter for Maple Marketing over that past two years, so finding other tasks to outsource feels quite rewarding.

The project on the go at the moment is the creation of more video content for online learning modules. So this week another batch of video production and editing will be going to my outsourced video editor.

It's so rewarding handing over projects to others who have the skill sets to get things done. I do love a little DIY every now and again. But when it comes to productivity in the business and making the best use of my time, I have no problem handing over to others what they can do better than me.

It's a philosophy and habit I encourage in my clients - invest in professional help rather than use unnecessary time doing things you don't have the skill or passion for. In business, it's a game changer.


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