Are bikini-clad girls in advertising ever appropriate (if you’re not selling bikinis)?

16 February 2014

Air New Zealand’s latest in-flight safety video has sparked some interesting controversy.

If you haven’t seen it yet you can view it on the Maple Marketing Facebook page.

Some people believe that the humourous approach used, featuring bikini-clad Sports Illustrated swimsuit models to coincide with the magazine’s 50th anniversary issue, is an unnecessary sexualisation of women. (Not many people are complaining about the part showing the shirtless pool boy, I see.)

Others applaud the airline for taking an original approach to what used to be a dry and boring subject.

Admit it, you probably watch the Air New Zealand safety videos more now, looking for famous celebrities, professional athletes, or even the gratuitous shot of a scantily clad fit body.

Personally, I was more distracted (and I suppose impressed) by how Christie Brinkley looks in the video.

Whatever your stance on it, Air New Zealand has succeeded in generating a great amount of publicity and getting people talking about the brand. Whether any of us now know the correct brace position is another matter.

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