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Where did the hashtag come from?

Excerpt from Mashable:

“The hashtag’s widespread use began with Twitter but has extended to other social media platforms. In 2007, developer Chris Messina proposed, in a tweet, that Twitter begin grouping topics using the hash symbol. Twitter initially rejected the idea. But in October 2007, citizen journalists began using the hashtag #SanDiegoFire, at Messina’s suggestion, to tweet updates on a series of forest fires in San Diego. The practice of hashtagging took off; now users and brands employ hashtags to cover serious political events (#Cairo) and entertainment topics (#MileyCyrus) alike.”


For some advice on how to use the hashtag effectively on your social sites, have a read of our article “All you need is love … and a few good hashtags”.



Posted 4 December 2017 | 0 comments

Even unsubscribers deserve some love

Every touch point with your customers is a marketing opportunity.

Recently I unsubscribed to a couple of email newsletters, and these were two different confirmation pages that I was taken to.

As you can see, one was quite humorous with a personal touch.


Their message: "We already miss how close we used to be. How about a second chance?"

They even let me know how I could continue to keep up-to-date with their info even if I didn’t want to receive their newsletters.

The other left me cold and feeling unloved.

Their message: "Your subscription preference has been processed and your information has been successfully updated in our database."

This was clearly a missed marketing opportunity. There was no branding, no apology, no other contact information. I won’t even remember who they were in a week’s time.

Remember, every contact with your customers or clients – even the unsubscribed ones – is an opportunity to spread your branding love.

Posted 14 July 2017 | 0 comments