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Is Writing a Marketing Plan on your to-do list?

Marketing Plan Workshop

Have you been meaning to write a marketing plan but haven’t had the time? Or don’t know where to start?

This workshop is perfect for you if you:
• own or manage a small to medium sized business
• have been meaning to get around to writing a marketing plan but haven’t found the time
• want to walk away from the workshop with an easy-to-use marketing plan that you can start using straight away
• enjoy the benefits of group interaction and brainstorming

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Content marketing - what is it and why you should be using it

If you enter the phrase “top marketing trends” into a search engine, what you’ll find come up in several of the top results is “content marketing”. We’ve been saying it for years – content is king.

Good content will get you more searches, more followers, more customers. But what exactly is content marketing? It is a form of marketing where you communicate with prospects and customers using relevant, valuable, enticing content to attract and engage them.

Where? On your website, social media pages, emails, newsletters, articles, blogs, videos – anywhere you communicate with your prospects and clients.

Why? Because people don’t want to be sold to. Before they spend their money, they want to like you and your business, trust you, receive credible and useful material to help inform their purchasing decision.

How? Read more ...

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