How to make your POD more interesting

By Renata
26 September 2012


Identifying your point of difference (POD) is a fundamental marketing practice. Can you clearly tell prospects what makes your product or service different?

The trouble with talking about your difference is that this approach focuses on how you compare to your competitors. Shouldn't you instead be focussing on customers? Shouldn't you be talking to your clients about your points of interest?

What makes you interesting? What makes you relevant? What makes prospects engage with you?

Have you ever been told “oh, that’s different” about a new haircut or outfit? Have you ever described someone by saying “well, she’s different”? If so, you know that different isn’t always good.

So don’t strive just to be different. Don’t focus just on competitors. Think first about your prospects and customers and how you can interest and excite them. Focus on your point of interest (POI).

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